Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Spring Break

I know, I know, I say I'll try harder and it is even longer. See what you get when you complain? A procrastinator!!! Well, yes I am! Anyway, there hasn't been too much going on other than the daily busy, busy, busy. Matt actually posted the pics of Amelia's sealing, so I really have been a slacker. After we had her sealing, we had lunch and blessed her. She did have a little name change. Her new name is Sarra Amelia Anderson. It's kind of fun because she will go by her middle name just like Christian, and I have a great-great grandmother Sarah Amelia Britton, so it is a family name too. But she still goes by Amelia, which is the name her bio-family had given her. I loved it because like Christian, it kind of honors everyone. Mom and Dad had gone into the MTC on Feb. 1 so we really thought they would miss the sealing, but, the Lord knows how to work things. They had made a mistake on the court date, so the adoption ended up being sooner - like really quick, on the 2nd. We thought it would be the 17th. So when we found out if had been moved up, they got permission to come to the sealing, because the adoption was final on the 2nd. So, anyway, Mom & Dad got permission to be there and then to be in Texas a day later, so they got to come home and then go with us to the sealing, and do the blessing that afternoon, and then they headed down the road to Texas. We are so excited for this mission. We know they will do great!

After they left, we just got to hang for a couple of days. It was just that busy daily living. Than we had some fun and excitement. Matt had a little surgery. He had to have a hemorroidectomy. What a fun few days for him!!! He is still trying to recover. That poor man. Needless to say, he didn't feel like he could sit for a week to go on vacation with us. I don't blame him.

Then later that week was our beautiful McKenzies wedding! It was so fun and gorgeous. She was so beautiful. They really did a great job on the wedding. It turned out beautiful! Isn't she gorgeous?

And soon after that we were off on vacation!! And, whew was it busy. It was like that seeing 14 countries in 3 days. We had planned a little driving, but I forgot it was California, not rural Utah. Most of the days it was just like 100 miles. Should've been no big deal, a couple of hours, but it was more like triple that. Crazy of us to forget that.

Anyway, we went to San Francisco first for 2 days. - We got to do a bay cruise. This is us heading under the Golden Gate, And Mom and Les on the boat. The other pic is Klynton seeing how the harbor seal feels. And of course Miss Amelia at the pool in her cute strawberry shortcake suit. Isn't that face just precious?

After we were done in San Fran for a few, then we hit Monterey bay, and the aquarium. This is the kids in the giant clam shell, and then touching the rays. Jullian was feeling picked on because they were fast, and he couldn't get a good feel. Then we got to watch Diver Mike feed the fish down inside the big tank. It was kind of exciting because he had one of the big fish who was really hungry knock the food bucket to the bottom. Both he and the guide said that had never happened to them during one of the shows. He had to be a little more careful after that.

Then on to Pismo Beach, and Solvang (the real reason for the trip) - Mom had always wanted to see it after Dad had been there, but never got to go. He got sick. So Les and I decided we had better take her before she had such a hard time getting around that it wouldn't be enjoyable for her. This is the kids all in a shoe. Isn't that cute? They were all actually semi-agreeable. Somewhere early on the trip I had the kids say "Cheese & Potatoes", so every time the camera was out Christian would keep saying it. It was so stinking cute! And, I think that's what she's in the middle of saying. The other pic is Klynton and Christian on the statue of Hans Christian Andersen. Kind of Christian's namesake. So, I thought I'd better get a snap of them together, for posterity.

Mom even got in the hot tub at Pismo - COOL!!!! Well, hot for her - she loved it! She loved Solvang! She said that was definitely the highlight of the trip for her. Then we drove to Vegas for the last night. Stayed at the Orleans. Not too bad. Smoky though. It was kind of fun, because they were having a rockabilly weekend. So, everyone was dressed in the cuffed jeans, and they all had their hair done. Guys were slicked back, and the women actually had coiff's. They were wearing the form fitting dress, with their hair up, and the bright red lips - It was so fun to just look at the people!

Then we took the kids out to an old west town with a petting zoo the next morning. It was kind of cool. Here is my little cowboy in his new sherriff's hat. And, it wouldn't be complete without the saloon girl and the cowboy hanging out.

It will be a fun place when they get the rest up and running. It is an older place, but has been closed, and re-opened a few times. There is a train too. Called Bonnie Springs.


Kathy said...

Looks like fab fun times! We went to Solvang at Christmas time. Well, my girls went with my parents while Brad and I stayed at our mansion on the beach with the boys.

Shallay said...

Now that is a spring break! Lots of fun.